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I’m enrolling right after graduating from high school


I have earned college credits 和 want to transfer to BSU 和 take 一天-time courses

Continuing Studies Student

I’m interested in undergraduate classes or bachelor’s degree programs that I can complete at night or online


I have a bachelor's degree 和 want to take a graduate course or earn a graduate degree or certificate.
The Bridgewater State University sign on Boyden Quad with fresh fall mums; Boyden Hall is in the fog in the background


Join us for an excellent opportunity to discover what it's like to be a Bridgewater State University Bear. You'll have a chance to meet our faculty, staff 和 students, tour the campus - 和 much more!

Open houses will be held from 9:30 a.m.-2 p.m. on 星期六,10月. 28周六,11月. 4.


Make the Most of Every Day

At Bridgewater State University, every 一天 is an opportunity for you to be better than the 一天 before.

Whether you want to work at a Big Four accounting firm, 教二年级, build a foundation for medical school, explore your art or anything else you can imagine — there is a place for you at BSU. 在这里, each 一天 is a new opportunity to build your confidence, make new discoveries 和 show the world what hard work can do. And you’ll have every kind of support so that you can achieve every kind of success 和 realize your full potential — starting 一天 one.



undergraduate 和 graduate academic programs


first-generation students


merit scholarships awarded to first-year students


Two students holding a BSU flag over the hills in Montana


Student-researchers travel to Montana to study Earth’s surface
“A lot of undergraduates don’t know what it’s like in the field. … It really pushes them physically 和 mentally.” 
Mason Terra, ’24, reaching for a paintbrush


Junior hopes to turn his passion into a life
“我一直在画画, I realized I wanted to do something I love for the rest of my life 和 switched from anthropology to fine arts.”  


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Two students st和ing wearing black tshirts with rainbow bears on the front
骄傲的中心 introduces colorful, inclusive clothing
smiling woman is wearing a graduation cap 和 gown
Recent alumna’s ATP research lit a passion that’s led to a great career